Document Development and Design


We will sit down with you and look at all of the documentation and paperwork that is unique to your business or office; we will then discuss the purpose, merits and drawbacks of each of these documents. From there we go back to the drawing board and design you a set of documents that will met your needs as well as where possible streamline the amount of paperwork and documents used.

We will also work with you to set up electronic templates for the common documents that would benefit everyone at your site.

Our staff has many years experience in this area and comes with a strong knowledge of not only Microsoft's Office package and products but also Corel WordPerfect, Lotus Notes, StarOffice, OpenOffice and are quick to learn other office packages as needed.


We are happy to discuss your needs at anytime. Please contact us via email or call us on +61 (0)7 3848 3963